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FAIDA Foundation welcome to domestic & global community to our first International Students Social Responsibility Program (SSR). We believe that your support will help us achieve our objective to foster global awareness in creating a socially responsible and a peaceful world. Join the first ever grand idea which will change everything around us.
Youth’s participation in solving social problems has the potential to promote the development of personal and collective identity to develop a sense that one can make difference in society by being socially responsible or by working with the concern for society’s well-being.
Student? Were you a student at any phase of your life? If yes! Did you play your role efficiently & effectively? STOP!! Take a pause, think and ask yourself: did you benefit nation or humanity or society? If YES, you played your role well.
International Student Social Responsibility Conference (ISSRC) in DUBAI, is the next step of FAIDA’s project Student Social Responsibility (SSR) at an International platform to create awareness of social responsibility in all aspects e.g., education, culture, health and all other issues around a student’s community and across the globe also.Each participant must fill the registration form to become a part of SSR Internationally.
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