Foster Care Application
Filling out the Foster Care Application is the first step in becoming a foster parent at West Valley Humane Society. Once you fill out this online application, we will be in contact with you to learn more about you, pair you with an animal or litter that may be a good fit and provide you training.
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This section is to help us get to know more about your home and your lifestyle to help us pair you with the best fit.
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Next Steps:
This application will be reviewed by our foster coordinator. Once reviewed they will contact you with more information on pairing you with an animal or litter in need. You will receive training and information as part of this process.

Before you can take home any foster animals you will be required to fill out a foster agreement form with the foster coordinator and will need to provide your drivers license for scanning. If you are renting you may be asked to provide approval from your landlord that you are approved to take home a foster animal.

As a foster parent you will have first pick for adoption of one foster animal per year. You will be responsible for full payment before the animal becomes your property. A discount is given to one animal per year.

Thank you so much for filling out the Foster Application!
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