Online purchase for The Jacks Crying candles and holders [12/1 ~ 12/7]
Before you proceed an order
Hello The Jacks family and friends!

As we stated earlier, we are still working on our global website and it is going to have a grand opening in December.

We had many inquires from all over the world about purchasing The Jacks candles for Christmas presents.
However, if you purchase The Jacks candles after grand opening of our global website, there are possibilities that you might not receive The Jacks in time for Christmas presents.
That is why we are going to receive purchase orders once more through google form!

In order for you to receive The Jacks before December 23, The Jacks must be sent to you before December 10th. (in USA and other countries does not take more than a week but some countries do take more days)

Therefore, we are going to receive purchase orders for 7 days from December 1st to December 7th.
The deadline for making a payment is until December 9th.

We can not deliver The Jacks, if you don’t make a payment by December 9th.
* Please understand this because we are running out of time.

Thank you so much for your support and love towards The Jacks and continuously support and love us!

PS. Please check following information.

Order period:
December 1st ~ December 7th

PAYPAL payment deadline:
December 9th
(Uncompleted payment will be cancelled automatically /
Automatically cancellation upon missing entry of PAYPAL account)

Shipping Countries:
US / Canada / Europe / Australia
(Limitation of countries due to delivering time and customs issue)
*Delay might occur in December due to high season.

Rabbit Pack (Holder + Candle) - $36 (USD) + Shipping charge
Deer Pack (Holder + Candle) - $36 (USD) + Shipping charge
Skull Pack (Holder + Candle) - $48 (USD) + Shipping charge
King size Skull candle - $75 (USD) + Shipping charge

Refills (Only candle)
Ear candle / Antler candle - $12 (USD) + Shipping charge
Brain candle - $15 (USD) + Shipping charge

*Shipping Cost
U.S./Australia $15 (minimum charge)
Other $25 (minimum charge)
*The cost will vary on the weight.

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