LPIRG Research Grant Application - 2023/2024
LPIRG believes that positive social change though citizen education and direct participation in the processes of public policy and program creation is possible. Democratic citizens have a responsibility to participate in educating themselves and others on social justice issues and to act on this education. LPIRG primarily focuses on sustainable development, inclusiveness and diversity in its activities. We believe that diversity in viewpoints must be respected and encouraged if strong communities are to be created.

LPIRG funds research that is deemed to be in the public interest, and that may not be funded through other sources. Research projects must fit within the above value statements of LPIRG. LPIRG WILL NOT fund research with funding partners that go against the values of LPIRG.

Please fill out the following form - it will be submitted directly to LPIRG for consideration. We highly recommend this application be made no fewer that 30 days in advance - we cannot guarantee funding ahead of your event if this application is submitted less than 30 days in advance of the event. We can process applications for post-event funding if deadline is not met.

Research grant applications must include a budget and a timeline of your research project. LPIRG is able to fund research projects up to 500 CAD per academic school year. For example, if you have previously received a grant for 200 CAD, you would be eligible to receive 300 CAD for a different project/travel/etc. Please note that priority is given to individuals who are current undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Lethbridge. 

Please send an email to pirg@uleth.ca to let us know the form has been completed and submitted, and with any supporting documents and budget.

LPIRG (Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group)
University of Lethbridge
Office: SU242
4401 University Drive W. Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4
Phone: 403-332-5243 Email: pirg@uleth.ca Website: www.lpirg.org
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Applicant name *
Contact information: phone number, email address, and mailing address *
Applicant student ID number *
Name and brief description of the mandate, goals, and activities of the group you represent (if applicable). *
Background information - briefly present some information about your past or related experience with the issues you are addressing and your experience with research in general (e.g., what may be on a CV or resume) *
Brief description of project, including a timeline and objectives, and a clear explanation of methodology, including any relevant background literature you have used in designing your proposal (about 200 - 400 words). Your proposal should be methodologically sound with a well-thought-out project design. Your proposal should exhibit justifications for your methodology by providing reasoning for why it is an appropriate design to gather the information needed and to address the issue. *
Explanation of ethical considerations and how these concerns will be addressed in your research (200-300 words). All projects funded by LPIRG must demonstrate that any potential ethical concerns have been carefully considered. Your application must outline the ethical considerations of your project, and how those concerns will be addressed. If your research project has the potential to infringe on another individual or group’s rights, you must outline how you intend to prevent such an infringement. If your research involves the use of animals, you must demonstrate that those animals will be studied following ethical guidelines. Information on the Tri-Council Policy Statement and Human SubjectsResearch Committee can be found on the University of Lethbridge website on the Office of Research Services page. *
How does your research project contribute to advancing the values set out in LPIRG's work and how does it relate to change making in the public interest. Please show how your project demonstrates at least three of the six criteria listed below. Please make it clear which criterion is being addressed by explicitly stating it. *
1. A focus on social and environmental justice and other issues in the public interest (i.e. increasing the public standard of living). 2. An increase in public knowledge and education on researched issues. 3. Long-term benefits for the public, not only short term gain.s 4. A benefit to the U of L undergraduate community and/or greater community (city, province, country, globe, etc.) 5. Enrichment of the applicant's post-secondary education through skill building and engagement with issues of public concern 6. Illustration of a desire and/or opportunity to contribute to building a stronger, closer, and more engaged community.
Please provide a complete budget via email to pirg@uleth.ca outlining in detail the following financial pieces: *
With your application you must provide a written reference from someone who has known you in an academic or professional capacity for a minimum of four months (e.g.an instructor or employer). Relatives may not provide references. If applying for funding related to an independent study, your supervising professor must provide the reference. If applying as a group, one member will be appointed by the group as the acting liaison, and will provide a reference, along with the names and signatures from a minimum of half of the group’s members, authorizing the appointed member as liaison. References can be sent directly from the referee to pirg@uleth.ca or dropped off to the LPIRG office win a sealed envelope and include the following information: The referee’s relationship to the applicant and how long the referee has known the applicant; The referee’s opinion of the applicant’s honesty, work ethic, and dependability; Relevant information pertaining to the board’s decision; and Referee’s name, signature, phone number, and email address or mailing address. *
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