NPCA Group Reaffiliation 2019
Welcome to NPCA’s annual Group Reaffiliation process!

The process is streamlined and focused on activities and financials - no affiliation fees!

Ready to get started? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Decide on ONE group officer to submit reaffiliation for your group via the form below.
2. Submit your annual report (or separate activities and financial reports, as appropriate) by either:
- posting to the NPCA Affiliate Group Directory page for your group,
- posting to your group's website, or
- emailing to
3. Fill out the form below.

Reaffiliation Deadline: May 31, 2019

Need some guidance?
NPCA's Website:
Directory Upload Instructional Video:
Annual Report Toolkit:
Affiliate Group Directory:
Add Leader Google Form:

Questions? Contact us at

Thank you!

If your group just affiliated in 2018 or early 2019, you do not need to fill this out this year! All others need to complete annual reaffiliation.
Group Name *
Name of group submitting reaffilation
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This can come in many forms, but generally includes at least an activities report and financials, if appropriate, to cover the last year. And don't just share it with NPCA! Send it out to all of your members and post it to your website. Let your members know how their engagement is making a difference.
Activities Report *
Please provide an overview of your group's activities over the past year.
Financial Report *
Please provide a summary of your group's financial activity over the past year.
The following three questions are about your leadership team composition and contact information
Does your group maintain permanent email addresses? (i.e., *
If so, please list your permanent email addresses here.
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If there were any changes to your group's leadership, did you make those changes to your group's directory page and/or submit an "Add Leader" Google Form ( *
How would you describe your group? *
We welcome your input. What tools and resources do you need to help your group thrive?
Topics of interest?
What topics are you interest in or need help with? Please indicate your level of priority (or if you can help lead a webinar or provide input for a toolkit).
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In case we need to follow up, please provide this information for the group officer completing this reaffiliation.
Officer Name *
Name of individual submitting reaffiliation
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Officer Role *
Role of individual submitting reaffiliation
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Contact email *
Email address of officer submitting reaffiliation
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Other comments
Anything else? Feel free to use this space to ask questions or share ideas.
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