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You are part of a larger group of people taking part in The Great Reset.

The key pillars of The Great Reset are to share with humility and listen with respect. There is no agenda. The purpose is to empower everyone to engage in conversation.

These surveys are intended to help us build better conversations. We believe the more people talking and listening leads to better and stronger communities.

Again, thank you for taking part in the conversation. Your participation helps bring us all just a bit closer together.
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Is marijuana a 'gateway' to the use of opioids? *
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Is there a connection between mental health and opioid abuse? *
Is there a way to manage mental healthcare as to avoid opioid abuse?
Is there a way to manage pain as to avoid opioid abuse
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Why is opioid abuse getting the attention it is currently receiving?
Where does opioid addiction start? *
What is a good first step to managing the opioid epidemic? *
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