Pfunl Product Tester Questionnaire
Thank you for participating in Pfunl testing!

Please fill out this form once you've had a chance to use Pfunl a few times.

Please return your Pfunl using the packaging and postage-paid label provided. (Ew, we know it's gross, but because these are prototypes, we don't want them out in the world representing the actual product).

Return Address: 4103 Cloudview Ct, Hood River OR 97031

Please use the included shipping label and existing packaging.

Feel free to call or email with any questions! Tracy - 541-490-5167 /

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Did Pfunl work for you (ie, keep your shapewear/Spanx dry)?
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Would you purchase Pfunl? ($19-$29)
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Please give your general thoughts on why you like/dislike Pfunl, how it could be better, etc:
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