Join the Plastic Pollution Solution Collection Network
The Plastic Pollution Solution is a program of Recycle Ann Arbor in partnership with Washtenaw County Solid Waste that launched on July 3rd, 2018– International Plastic Bag Free Day.

The goals of the campaign are to:
1) educate the community about issues inherent with single-use plastic bags and plastic wraps
2) encourage the public to reduce and reuse these plastics when possible
3) facilitate convenient drop-off locations to properly recover plastic bags and plastic wrap

Recycle Ann Arbor is facilitating the development of a diverse network of drop-off locations collecting plastic bags and other soft, flexible plastics to ensure that they are recycled properly and do not end up in the landfill or worse, as pollution in our waterways. The soft plastics we receive will be recycled by our partner, Trex, to be made into composite lumber. Our hope is that as people collect their soft plastics for recycling they will work towards identifying alternatives to those items and eventually completely phase out their single-use plastics.

Through establishing a network of convenient drop off locations at area businesses, churches, libraries, and schools, Recycle Ann Arbor hopes to recover more soft plastics in the community for proper recycling. This network will help reduce plastic pollution in our environment and in the curbside recycling bins, both of which are places that these soft plastics do not belong!

With your help, we hope to create a successful collection system that can serve as a model to other communities working towards sustainable materials management.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in moving forward to become a drop-off location for soft plastics!
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Do you agree to drop off your full, decontaminated bags of soft plastics to our Drop-Off Station (2950 E. Ellsworth, 48108)? *Entry fee of $3 will be waived for locations in the plastic pollution solution network.* *
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