MI ACE Master Trainer and MACC Inquiry
PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any Master Training sessions scheduled. We are working to schedule Community Champion (MACC) trainings. Master Trainers are trained to give presentations and train others to present, while MACCs can give presentations.

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Email: MiACERequest@gmail.com
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Is the location where you preform most of your work the same as the address above? If not please give region/county your work takes place. *
Do you have trauma training/experience? If so, please explain *
Do you have ACE training/experience? If so, please explain. *
Please explain the ways in which you demonstrate the ability to train or teach others *
Master Trainers give presentations to various members of their community, as well as train others (Community Champions) to present on ACEs. Please describe your experience in giving presentations to the community or other audiences *
Do you have resources and connections in your community/organization (location, hosts) to support your presentations? Explain *
Would you be interested in a Michigan ACE Community Champion training instead? (Community Champions are trained to give presentations, but cannot train others to give presentations). PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any Master Trainer sessions scheduled, but we will have MACC trainings. *
We are working to schedule MACC trainings and will update as they become available. By filling out this form, I am simply expressing interest for future consideration. *
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