2019-2020 MCB Guild Membership Form
Mid-Columbia Ballet (MCB) is a non-profit organization established in 1973 to further the art of dance in the community. Three performing companies make up the organization: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior; each a building block for the next. MCB is overseen by a Board of Directors, an Artistic Director (Debra Pearse Rogo), an Administrative Assistant (Gaye Pearse-Wutzke), and a Director of Programs and Outreach. Each platform of MCB not only provides exceptional performing opportunities to students but also builds structure and discipline into the lives of the children as they develop into strong leaders and intellectual participants in society. As a member of The Ballet Alliance, MCB has been awarded the prestigious title of honor company yearly since 1992.

The Guild exists to provide financial and volunteer support to Mid-Columbia Ballet. Annually the Guild commits not only to raising money to help support the financial business of MCB, but also assumes responsibility for organizing many of the wonderful volunteers necessary to support productions such as The Nutcracker.

ANYONE who wishes to ensure that the Tri-Cities community will always have an opportunity to enjoy the cultural experience of ballet should join the Guild. Many parents of dancers join the Guild to show their appreciation and support for MCB considering that the lack of any dancer fees associated with participation in the company is extremely unusual in comparable organizations across the United States. It is your support that will build a strong program for the future.
Privacy Policy
The Mid-Columbia Ballet Guild values your privacy.
We do not share your information. Your contact information is used only by MCB Guild officers or committee chairs to contact you for official MCB Guild business.
We do like to recognize our members by publishing your name in the annual Nutcracker program. Below is a field where you can tell us how we can recognize your support in the program.
Returning Member?
If nothing has changed from last year, please just fill out name, email, payment type, and verify how you want your family to be recognized in the program. Please update any information that may have changed from last year.
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We like to list Guild Membership in the MCB programs for the year. Please provide your name as you would like it to appear in our programs. Example John & Jane Doe
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Membership Dues - $35 per family
We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. If paying by cash or check, please drop in the Guild payment box at the Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music. Or contact one of the MCB Guild Officers for credit card payment.
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