Entertainment Night Request Form
Muktamar will not be complete without having Entertainment Night (EN) -- this is part of muktamar tradition. Anyone who attend muktamar 2019 can participate at EN event by filling out the form below. But first, please read our EN Rules and Regulations:

I. It's open for all muktamirin (individual and/or group performance)
II. Any performance shall obey the followings:
1. Must be fun and entertaining
2. Showing the Islamic adab (good manner)
3. Performance time is 10 minutes maximum
4. No ibu-ibu performance, you can sign up at Yaumun Nisa event
5. Song or nashid with Islamic and/or dakwah lyrics
6. Always follow safety rules

The committee has the right to reject your request due to limited times and/or the request doesn't seem to follow our rules and regulations.

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Describe and explain what you're going to perform, for how long and how many people (if this is a group performance, and what musical instruments you're going to use. We need to make sure we have enough mics and the stage i
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