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Hey sister! I am so glad you're here. My name is Caren and I am so passionate about helping women break bondages in their health by giving God the pen to write their story and committing all they do back to Him. I am not perfect! Fitness was my idol for SIX YEARS. After God untangled my wellness, He made it my mission to lend a hand to my sisters. Taking care of your body doesn't have to be a drag or a duty but a DELIGHT when you see that the purpose is to become more effective on earth (as you manage your many responsibilities) and for the Kingdom. Let's choose purpose over preference TOGETHER!

Now, you may have noticed that seasonal depression + anxiety are on the rise starting late December and I have found the best way to beat the rut is to develop healthy + holy habits NOW. So this group is going to encompass everything: Spiritual growth, emotional/ mental health, and physical health.

FREE4FALL has 4 elements:
1. 2B Mindset - Food freedom nutrition course that will teach you how to listen to YOUR body and learn what works for it through education + tracking. No calorie counting, measuring, deprivation, or food rules. Exercise is extra credit. The goal is to conquer emotional eating, mindless snacking, yoyo cycling, and over compensating with exercise because nutrition is a mess. Read more on it here:

2. Beat anxiety / depression. We will be reading the book Anxious For Nothing by Max Lucado and camping out in Philippians chapter 4 (hence the 4 in Free4fall!. This book has taught me so much about my own struggles with anxiety and how to CLING TO CHRIST in the storm. While physical health is great, it is meaningless without an internal + SOUL transformation.

3. Community + Accountability. Simple: we are better together. You will be a part of a community of women all going through the same self paced nutrition course as you. We will learn together, pray together, and find freedom together.

4. Me as your personal coach. You will then have me as your coach for life and you can be sure that will be doing one on one check ins with you weekly! While groups are powerful, I also believe the one on ones go a long way.

Are you ready for the details? I am only taking 15 women on this journey with me. I am not here to push you...I am simply here to pull you alongside me if this journey is relevant to your season. I am already lifting you up!


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