Make Friends Prize Nomination - HEnDA 2020
Judges, you can send in the nomination multiple times, any time (before the start of the semi-finals), whenever you noticed that there is a school worth nominating for  the Make Friends Prize.
You don't have to be judging the school (you can nominate nice schools you just witnessed as an audience).
You can nominate multiple schools (please send in another entry).
Please at least send in ONE school. You cannot recommend your own school.
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School that you want to nominate. 推薦する学校を選んでください *
Please give us a brief reason why you want to nominate this school (For fair-play spirit, great show of friendship, etc.) 理由を簡潔にお書きいただけますか?日本語でもOKです *
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This is the end of the make friends cup nomination. Thanks a lot! You can send in multiple times (A confirmation email will be sent to your email address above, if you sent the form properly.)
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