Chicago Puppy Patrol Events Attendee/Participation Agreement & Release
I hereby declare that I consent to attend events organized and hosted by Chicago Puppy Patrol, its officers, volunteers, and members. I am aware that events and workshops being offered are meant for the safe, sane, and consensual interaction of adults (regardless of gender identity or sexual preference) in sexual and fetish-based exchanges. I am not offended by the materials and presentations that refer to the behavior, lifestyles and objects used in fetish play, nor am I offended by the terms, methods, and objects used to convey such information. I understand and fully agree that any and all activities taking place at a Chicago Puppy Patrol event are intended to be of an educational and/or entertainment nature.

I will not use any information obtained during my attendance at Chicago Puppy Patrol events and/or workshops in a manner that is intended to harm, disparage, defame, or slander any of the Board Members, Event Organizers, the owners, management and staff of the hosting venues, or any instructors, staff, presenters, sponsors, vendors, individuals, or groups involved or participating in the Chicago Puppy Patrol event. I am not a member of a religious, political, government, law enforcement, nor am I a member of any activist group whose purpose is to prevent or oppose the events or presentation of educational material concerning sexual practices between consenting adults of any particular gender identity or sexual orientation.

I will not hold Chicago Puppy Patrol, its officers, volunteers, and/or members responsible for any personal injury occurring at a Chicago Puppy Patrol event or workshop.

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age. I agree that if I am not at least 21 years of age, I will not consume alcohol at any Chicago Puppy Patrol event or workshop. I agree that I am responsible for my own behavior, even under the influence of alcohol. I also agree to refrain from attending any CPP event or workshop if I am under the influence of illegal substances.

I agree that pictures from Chicago Puppy Patrol events and/or workshops may be used for the advertising purposes of the organization, and understand that no pictures that could put my personal well being in a damageable state will be used for public use. If I am not comfortable with my picture being used, Chicago Puppy Patrol will provide an orange bandanna to tie to my upper body. The orange bandanna will signify that I do not want my picture used.

If any provision or clause in the Acknowledgement, Agreement and Release is found to be invalid, unenforceable for any reason by a court of law, the remaining provision shall continue in full force or effect.

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