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Please complete the following form. New form per EACH camera
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Cardinal direction *
In DEGREES (North being 0) in what direction is the camera facing?
Captionless Image
go to pinpoint the location on the map. Cut the decimal coordinates and paste here
Angle *
of the camera from the horizontal down to target area
Focal Points *
Horizontal positioning *
Mis-reads *
Size of Number Plate *
Preferred Position by client/installer/Project Management: *
If this is the preferred position then keep in mind it is not the preferred position according to minimum standards
Position of LPR Camera:
If this is the preferred position and you believe so then please scan and attach an official letter from the client where they have signed off the result of the installation and reading of number plates. The names of the cameras affected must be noted in the letter as needed
Attached: Results of all xxx cameras as currently and not up to standard *
(how many cameras or zero in Not Applicable)
Additional Comments
*Note: if more than one camera is installed then fill in form again referring to previous form submitted
Describe power source *
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Describe Physical security considerations if any
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