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To perform the tests below, you will need
1. The TV to be tested
2. A ROOMNET remote control
2. An Apple TV 4th Gen (HD Model) or 5th Gen (4K Model), running the latest firmware. If this is a ROOMNET demo device, you do not need to update the firmware.
3. The Apple TV must be connected to HDMI1
4. CEC Must be enabled on the HDMI port. This process can vary per model. please ask for assistance with this if required.  

Please also be aware, on some Samsung models and firmware revisions, CEC needs to be turned off to work correctly. If CEC is not working, disable it on the TV and test again. Please mention this in the notes section at the bottom of the form.

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Name of tester *
Name of ROOMNET partner
eMail address of tester
Region covered *
e.g. North America, Europe etc..
TV Manufacturer *
If Manufacturer is Other, please specify below
Full TV model *
Please provide the full model number not just the generation or range
Firmware Version *
Micom Version
Button functional test *
Please test each button and record the outcome of the test. Expected outcome is listed next to the button name
Power - Should power the TV on and off
Volume up - Should turn the TV volume up
Volume down - Should turn the TV volume down
Mute - Should mute the TV
Source - should switch the TV to HDMI2
Apple TV - Should switch the TV to HDMI1
Up - Navigate up on the Apple TV
Down - Navigate down on the Apple TV
Left - Navigate left on the Apple TV
Right - Navigate right on the Apple TV
OK/Select - Open apps or chose hi-lighted item
Back - Go back
If there are any fails in the above section, please add details below.
Power outage test *
Cut the power to the TV and the Apple TV, then restore, once powered back on, are ou still able to control the Apple TV via the ROOMNET remote?
Extended connection test *
Some firmware versions send bad data via CEC which can cause issues with the Apple TV. In some cases, it causes Apple TVs to crash and require a reboot. To test for this, please leave the Apple TV and TV connected via HDMI and powered on (TV can be in standby if needed) overnight. when returning to the TV, make sure the TV powers on, the Apple TV functions correctly and can be controlled with the ROOMNET remote. Does this function correctly?
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