Genie Code Request
Please complete the following form if you would like to use a Genie code to stream or help create streaming links for Super Junior's newest songs.

This time around, it is possible to ensure that all genie coupons and the streams that come along with it go towards Super Junior by creating streaming links. If you would like to help out, please fill out our form as we need multiple genie accounts because we are only allowed to register up to 4 codes per month.

DISCLAIMER: You will be making the genie links with your own genie account. All links you are helping create must be tweeted as a reply to our genie streaming links thread to facilitate it for ELF to find. You must always include a song along with the link to ensure it is used to only stream Super Junior's songs. To learn how to create streaming links, please refer to this tutorial:

If you are looking to use all 100 streams yourself you must still fill out this form.

You must have a Genie account if you want to use a Genie code. If you do not have one, please read this tutorial:

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