Islamophobia in Online Vegan Community
A survey for vegan Muslims:

The goal of this survey is to better understand your experiences with Islamophobia in the vegan community in order to make our community a safer and more inclusive place for Muslims.

ANSWERS WILL BE SHARED ONLINE IF YOU MARK "YES" TO THE FIRST QUESTION. Your safety and privacy is important, so you have the option to stay anonymous.
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How and why did you become vegan? Please briefly tell your story here. *
Has anything made it difficult for you to use your voice and participate in the online vegan community? If yes, please be specific. *
Have you ever experienced Islamophobia in the online vegan community? This includes any harassment related to Islam and race, gender, xenophobia, etc. How did this impact you? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please share a specific example of a time when you experienced Islamophobia from another vegan online.
What do non-Muslim vegans need to do to make space for Muslim vegans to feel safe in our online vegan community? *
As a community, what are some practical ways that non-Muslim vegans can fight Islamophobia and stand in solidarity with Muslim vegans? *
Is there anything else that you want the rest of the online vegan community to know?
How did you hear about this survey? (Thank you for your time!) *
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