brightspot strategist 2019 application
Thank you for applying for the Strategist role at brightspot! We look forward to getting to know you. Please answer all questions. No need to knock yourself out – 5ish lines per question is sufficient - in fact, it's all the space you have!
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Tell us about something you learned recently. What inspired you to learn it and how did you learn about it? *
We like to learn and to share what we learn and we hope you do too.
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Tell us about something about an experience someplace you had recently and how you'd improve it. *
It could be any kind of experience – in a store, at a museum, in transit, etc – we just want hear how you diagnose and solve these kinds of problems
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Tell us a little story about the most interesting thing you did recently. *
We like stories. Funny, sad, scary, salty or umami all work.
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As excited as we are about these answers, we still need to see your info.
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