Connecting Minds In Social Neuroendocrinology and Evolution Preconference
We are delighted to offer the Connecting Minds in Social Neuroendocrinology and Evolution preconference again at HBES 2019 in Boston! This preconference meeting is an opportunity to connect new and established researchers who are investigating the social influences and effects of both endogenous and exogenous hormones in the context of human evolution.

If you are interested in presenting in our DataBlitz session, please submit an abstract for consideration by APRIL 30, 2019. Please note that in order for your abstract to be considered, your project must involve hormones and/or neuroimaging. We welcome submissions reporting the study of any hormone, not just sex hormones.

We welcome submissions for the DataBlitz session from young researchers especially (e.g., undergraduate/graduate students, postdoctoral researchers). Each DataBlitz presentation will be be allocated 5 minutes (with 3 additional minutes for questions) and should focus on primarily on data/results with limited theoretical background.

Please contact the preconference organizers with any questions: Amanda Hahn (, Jaime Palmer-Hague (
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