CSR is now a priority for the Indian Government. As per the data of 2017-2018, 47% of companies have not spent enough on CSR. Hence, Subah & Banknet Group are conducting a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices Survey 2019 across verticals to understand sustainability issues and recognize CSR practices of companies in India. We ensure you that all the information you fill, along with your identity, will remain confidential in the survey report. Only the data values will be utilized for analysis after aggregating the data from the survey. We need your support to make this CSR initiative a success. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes of your valuable time. For any queries, please get it in touch with us at
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Does your company give reference to the CSR Policy & Compliance in their Annual Report? Provide a link.
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What is the implementation modality of the CSR program of your company?
With whom does your company execute CSR activities?
How does your company engage employees in CSR?
The typical duration of a CSR project initiated by your company is
Does your company face delays in CSR project implementation because of any reasons below?
Has your company collaborated with other corporates for implementing their CSR Project/ Projects?
Do you see the CSR spends of your company grow in the coming years to meet CSR obligations?
Do leave your suggestions and feedback. Thank you for your support!
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