Teacher Survey
Never = 0% to 50% of the time
Sometimes = 50%-80% of the time
Often = 80%-95% of the time
Almost Always = 95% -100% of the time
1. My school is: *
2. My gender or gender identity is: *
3. My race is: *
4. My role in the school is: *
5. I am a member of the BBSS Tier 1 Team. *
6. Our school BBSS Tier 1 Team meets monthly *
7. What data does the Tier 1 BBSS Team use to make decisions? *
8. What data does the Tier 1 BBSS Team share school-wide? *
9. I facilitate circles within the school. *
10. If you facilitate circles within the school, what is the purpose? *
11. Classroom circles or meetings make a difference in culture/climate in the school. *
12. I use Welcoming Rituals in my classroom.
13. I use Optimistic Closures in my classroom.
14. I intentionally identify a social goal for my lessons in my classroom.
15. Students are "in trouble" if asked to go to the Safe Seat or alternative seating. *
16. Students are "in trouble" if asked to go to the Buddy Room. *
17. Staff consistently use the Safe Seat (alternative seating) and Buddy Room in my school. *
18. Staff uses caring confrontation language in your building (e.g. I see. . . Can you. . . Even though . . .). *
19. My school uses a t-chart for office-managed versus classroom managed behavior. *
20. What are the school-wide behavioral expectations in your school? *
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21. How are students acknowledged for positive behavior? *
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22. Acknowledgements are provided to staff in my school. *
23. I feel safe at school.
24. I look forward to coming to school each day.
25. I spend too much teaching time on disciplining students.
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