Insane Ink: Personalized Shirts Order Form
Insane Ink is proud to present "DTG For Days!"! We are able to offer the service of customizing your own t-shirt for an affordable price, and it's printed right here on our school campus. This service is for SMALL ORDERS only (max 20 shirts). Please fill out this order form and an Insane Ink representative will contact you within 3 days.

NOTE: We can only print on white or light gray t-shirts and if you already have a shirt design it must be SCHOOL APPROPRIATE! If you do not already have a design, we can create one for you as well for free!

SIZES: S-3XL (limited stock for 2XL, 3XL)

If you order 1 shirt: front only ($15), front+back ($20)
If you order 2 or more shirts: front only ($12 each), front+back ($17 each)

These customized shirts are perfect gifts for birthdays and any other events/celebrations to give to family and friends! Orders will be accepted all the way until END OF APRIL. We accept cash or check, and your payment must be ready when we deliver the shirts to you.

If you have any questions, please loopmail or Facebook message a member of our DTG team: Dustin Nguyen (12), Sanya Kooplicat (11), or Linda Nguyen (11)

Thank you for your support of Insane Ink!

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Order 1 shirt: front only ($15), front and back ($20). Order 2 or more shirts: front only ($12 each), front and back ($17 each)
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We offer adult sizes S-3XL (Example: 1 small, 3 mediums, 2 larges)
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We do our best to get your order to you in 2 weeks. You must have your payment READY when we give you your shirt(s).
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