Boomer Podcast
As I mentioned I am doing a Podcast for Boomers.

The focus is to demonstrate that Boomers can REBOOT their ECONOMY by discovering how to Market and Monetize their Skills, Knowledge, Expertise, and Live a Life of Passion!

If you can send me the answers to these questions we can schedule the recording.

Your interview show notes will also have a link to your page/product. I prefer affiliate links - if your product does not have and affiliate link, I can track the links too.

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Boomer Podcast Interview Questions
Who is your target Audience?
What would you like to focus ON, on your Interview?
What would be the 3 Benefit the audience really wants, are looking for - VERBS - Like: Feel better from xx, Sell more from stage, increase visibility. etc
What would be the BIG Payoff for the audience listening? (The audience wants to know how to_____)
COOL SECRET: What’s something incredibly cool you’ll drop on them during the audience during the interview? {“On this interview we’ll also reveal_____}
Your Bio /Background – relevant and to catch the attention of the public
Where do you want pp to go after the interview? {for more info, check out (page or URL)}
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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