Lincoln HS Orchestra Signup & Placement
All students who wish to play in ANY orchestra at Lincoln should fill out and submit this form. The name on this form and the name in the description of your video audition should match.

PRELUDE (Beginning) - For students with no experience. No audition necessary - just submit this form and you will be added to the class!

INTERMEZZO (Intermediate) – For students with some experience. By video audition OR by recommendation from your current orchestra teacher or private teacher.

STRING (Advanced) – By video audition only.

CHAMBER (Elite) - By invited audition only.


Please set up your camera so that your face and both of your hands can been seen in the frame. Submit ONE video (maximum 3 minutes) with the following items.

Audition Materials:

1. Play TWO scales: 1) F Major Scale and 2) another scale of your choice
- Play 2 octaves (basses may opt to play 1 octave)
- You may choose your own tempo / rhythm. Fingerings are provided but you are welcome to use your own.

2. Play the excerpt provided in the above google drive folder for your instrument

3. (OPTIONAL) Any other supplemental material (i.e. solo piece, orchestra music, etc) you have prepared that demonstrates or highlights your playing abilities.


Contact Ms. Jan at
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