2020 Homeless Voting follow-up
Please help us understand how folks who were homeless voted this year!
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If you have experienced homelessness, did you vote in the November 3rd election?
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If you voted, was this your first time voting?
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Did anyone try to prevent you from voting?
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Do you have a party affiliation?
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Which of the following is the most important issue affecting your vote?
How accessible is voting for people who are currently homeless in your community/state? *
Very accessible
Somewhat accessible, most folks don't have a problem
Challenging, most folks have trouble
Extremely difficult, or not possible at all
I don't know or not applicable
Registration without a home address
Confirming or updating registration info
Knowing where to vote
Getting to polling place on voting day
Obtaining a mail-in or absentee ballot
Information on candidates and ballot initiatives
Information about local or statewide elections
Information about Federal (Congressional or Presidential) elections
For Organizations, how many clients/consumers/people who have experienced homelessness did you register to vote this year? *
How many clients/consumers/people who have experienced homelessness cast their vote in your community this year? *
Does your organization (please check all that apply) *
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