Water Youth Network - New Member Survey
At Water Youth Network, we have a four step initiation process:
Prospective members approached > On-Boarding > Introduction in Working Group > Participation/Inclusion.
Upon a completion of this survey, we check for the activities available for you to contribute to. At the start of the next round of on-boarding, we will send you the on-boarding material once there is a fit.
The on-boarding material will help you to get to know the Network better, prepare you to function effectively within the Network, and to make sure we can create great activities and projects together. Once on-boarding is complete, it will be up to you to immerse yourself in our projects. You will determine your own success in Water Youth Network. If you prove to be a valuable member, we will be happy to add you to our social media, email groups and make you part of our core member list.

To become an official member you have to:
1. Be under 35 years old.
2. Have a higher education degree. If you have not completed a university degree, you can still apply and tell us in the motivation section, why you should still become a member.
4. Submit a short motivation letter (250 words - included in the survey).
5. Submit your professional photo at the end of the survey and send it to to Phllip Kruse - HR Coordinator (p.kruse@wateryouthnetwork.org).
5. Complete this survey and the on-boarding material, which will be sent to you.
6. Once chosen for a team: participation in at least one WYN project.
4. Most important: You should be enthusiastic about connecting young people on water-related issues and making the voice of the youth heard.

Finally, thank you for your interest in Water Youth Network. Good luck with filling in the survey, we are looking forward to work with you.

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1. What is your name? *
2. Date of birth *
3. What is your nationality? *
4. What is your country of residence? *
5. Education: What is your highest educational qualification? *
If your are currently enrolled, the highest qualification you have received, yet.
6. Which of the following options describes your current situation? *
7. Which organization are you currently affiliated to?
(i.e. working for which company/organisation or studying at which institute)
8. What position do you hold at this organization?
9. Are you associated or a member of any other voluntary/youth/water-related group? if so, please provide the name.
10. Select the thematic areas of your interest? *
(You may choose more than one option)
11. Which skills can you bring to the Water Youth Network? *
(Check all that apply)
12. What skills do you want to acquire? *
(Check all that apply)
13. Write a brief biography of yourself. *
(You can include your studies and working background as well as your hobbies and life goals; max. 150 words)
14. Provide a link to your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profile.
15. What is your motivation for joining the Water Youth Network? *
(250 words)
16. Please upload a photograph of yourself. Alternatively you can send a picture to p.kruse@wateryouthnetwork.org within the next 30 days.
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