How climate leaders do it
Sustainability is a tough challenge. Share your insights to other leaders through the following four questions. Think a moment and reply as if you talked to a trusted peer.

The questions are intentionally long, just answer what you think is interesting to share. You will get to read and approve the statements before they are published online a

Thank you very much!
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Businesses talk about aligning economic and environmental targets, have you found the secret and what is it for your company?
How confident are you to reach the climate/sustainability targets at your company? What are the main uncertainties related to the plan/targets? What will you do to address these issues? How does your company deal with conflicting business areas/activities (e.g. when decisions between cost/ecology have to be made)?
How do you measure and monitor the emissions?
Anything else you would like to share, to inspire others or to get off the chest? What delights/frustrates you? What are current challenges in your role or for your company? 
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