Which jobs might be automated?
Help us predict the future!

In 2013, a widely reported study from the University of Oxford predicted that 47% of jobs in the US are under risk of automation in the next 2 decades. Amusingly the report itself used machine learning to automate the task of predicting which of 702 detailed professions was under risk.

One limitation of the study was that the training data of 70 professions was hand labelled by a small group of researchers. The goal of this survey is to call on the wisdom of the crowd and get this training data labelled by a much larger group. Was the original training set labelled appropriately? Can we make a better prediction? You can read more about the original study at


You will now be asked 7 questions. Each will ask you to identify which professions within a group of 10 are at risk of automation in the next 2 decades. The Oxford study identified 3 potential barriers to automation: the levels of perception and manipulation required by the job, the level of creativity, and that of social intelligence.

The information in this study will be used only for research purposes and in ways that will not reveal who you are. You will not be identified in any publication from this study or in any data files shared with other researchers. To thank people completing the survey, at the end of the form you can nominate a charity to whom I will donate $1 in recognition of your time and effort.

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