Cultivating Attention: Sign Ups
Do you constantly multi-task to juggle all your commitments in the day? Do you get distracted easily? Do you wish you could wean yourself away from devices, social media as well as be more productive and focussed at work?
If you identify with any of the above situations and questions, join the reflective learning space to:

> Understand what attentional focus is and its potential impact on us
> Appreciate the impact of enhanced attention on our daily lives and interactions with others
> Learn a few practices that will help you cultivate your attentional muscle

Date: 27th August 2021
Time: 6:30-8:00 PM
Facilitator: Ruchi Ghose

Please fill this form to sign up. Registration is essential. The event has been paid for by the generosity of others, like everything else in the Wellbeing Movement.

More about the Facilitator:
Ruchi’s deep rooted conviction that, “like so many other skills, well-being too can be learnt” springs from her own personal experience and drives her interest and passion in supporting others to cultivate wellbeing. She is focussed on taking wellbeing programs to individuals, organisations and educational institutions. Ruchi is a founding director of Viridus Social Impact Solutions and a co-initiator of the Wellbeing Movement.

More about the Platform:
This learning space is a part of The Nurturing Zone, a platform offered by the Wellbeing Movement. The platform aims to offer insights, develop skills and cultivate practices towards wellbeing by connecting practitioners and doers with a community of individuals who are keen to work on their own wellbeing.
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