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Please answer the following questions to let us know of your interest in serving on the staff of Toyon in the upcoming academic year. As you complete this quick questionnaire, please keep the following link open in a separate tab of your web browser as you complete the following questionnaire:

All staff members serve in one leadership role, in addition to serving as reviewers of the literary and artistic work submitted to Toyon.
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You will need to reference the following webpage as you complete this form:
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3. Click through the links on the "Join" tab of the Toyon website. On each team page, read through the role descriptions. Select five roles that interest you. *
4. What role do you prefer as your first choice?
5. What role do you prefer as your second choice?
6. What role do you prefer as your third choice?
7. Please describe your interest in the roles you've listed as your first, second, and third choice. What previous experiences have prepared you to complete the tasks listed in the job descriptions at
8. Which of the following units/departments/offices on campus have you interacted with (in any form--as an employee, major/minor, member, visitor, etc.)? Select all that apply.
9. What languages do you speak, read, or write? Please list all and briefly indicate level of familiarity. (Speaking multiple languages is not a requirement for participation on the staff of Toyon.)
10. Which of the following organizations and establishments are you connected to? Select all that apply.
11. Anything else you'd like to share?
Thank you for your interest in Toyon: Multilingual Journal of Literature and Art!
The masthead will be finalized during the first or second weeks of class, so as to facilitate a timely production schedule. Before the start of class, please review the information available online at Questions can be sent to or
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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