Report a Member
Do not use this form lightly. We look into each complaint that is submitted and too many false complaints can reflect negatively on yourself. Too many complaints or seriousness of complaints have the potential to result in membership suspension.

There are currently three (3) types of reports you can file.

1. Inappropriate Conduct
Any form of harassment (verbal, physical, sexual etc)... Use of banned substances... misuse of the site... etc.
2. Willful Neglect of Rules
Repeatedly ignoring anything that is in the Player Handbook.
3. Weapon Infractions
Hitting too hard, hitting no hit zones, Bow & Arrow misuse, etc.
Why type of report are you filing? *
What is your name? *
What is your email? *
Who is the report about? *
Use their characters name or a description if you do not know their real name.
What are you reporting? *
Please be as detailed with the offense as possible.
List anyone else who witnessed the offense.
These people must have witnessed the event in person not just heard about it.
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