Douglas County Libraries Human Library Book Application For February 29, 2020
Applications due November 30, 2019.

Douglas County Libraries elevates our community by inspiring a love of reading, discovery and connection.
Worldwide, Human Library(TM) events aim to provide a safe space for conversations with our neighbors who have a significant life story to share. Themes of Human Books often reveal perseverance, persistence and self-discovery that unites humanity even through our differences.

The first step in becoming a "Human Book" at our event is submitting this application. All applicants will be contacted for consideration. We are seeking "human books"who either live or work in Douglas County to share their personal experiences in 20 minute conversations with patrons. The list below are some suggested topics:

Addiction Gender Fluidity Refugee/Immigrant/Dreamer Olympian/Paralympic
Mixed-Race Families Homelessness Trans-gender Octogenarian + Single Parent
Civil-Rights Survivor Medical Marijuana Patient Paraplegic/Quadriplegic Arranged Marriage Obesity Poverty Farming/Ranching Anorexia High School Drop Out
Military Harassment Incarceration Dyslexia Cop
Student Loan Debt Medical Loan Debt Childless by Choice Etc.
We are also open to considering applications on other subjects that we have not listed above.

Please know we are limited to having 15 books at our event and submitting the application does not guarantee you will be a book at the event. We will notify applicants who interview in December 2019 of which "Human Books" we will be inviting to participate.

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If you are selected after your interview, you will be expected to attend one group training, not to exceed 2 hours at the Philip S. Miller Library. This will be scheduled one to three weeks prior to the event. There will be at least two options available to you. Do you accept this condition? *
Will you be at least 18 years old or above by February 29, 2020? *
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We expect our books to represent themselves as individuals and not to promote or proselytize ideas or beliefs. Books and readers are asked to have civil, tolerant, and respectful exchanges. Are you comfortable with these guidelines? *
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Douglas County Libraries is dedicated to making sure our human books and readers have an experience that inspires a love of reading, discovery and connection. Do you have any questions, comments or concerns about the human library event?
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