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At Polarity, we believe in a welcoming space dedicated to bringing all modalities of pole fitness to students, local businesses, and community members alike. The Polarity team hopes to build an oasis that inspires growth, promotes tranquility, teaches self-love, and brings a playful awareness to its clients. We believe that this is all done through careful training and detailed preparation of teaching movement, science, and art. No matter where you are in your pole dancing passion, we hope to take your practice to a new level through this instructor training program. Whether you're interested in starting your journey as an instructor, expanding your current teaching style, or simply a student wanting to deepen your pole practice, then this training is for you. You will successfully learn and execute proper pole level 1 techniques and methodologies before stepping into the role of the instructor. Through this training you will learn how to find your voice and craft energetically intelligent classes for all gender identities and expressions!

For questions - email polarityannarbor@gmail.com
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