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CityFi is an advisory services platform for top level city officials, CEO’s, and start-ups that need help to make change, fast. To do that, CityFi brings the best and the brightest change agents, often with varied industry and functional expertise to bear. So if you think that making money is fine, but making positive change is more important, then you understand CityFi.

We don’t typically “hire” full-time people into the firm, rather we bring resources to bear to solve a problem, and we believe in first rate service for the customer and the lion’s share of the profits going to the advisors on the case. The cases range from go-to-market strategies for new companies, or products and services being introduced into the urban ecosystem, to action agendas for mayors, to autonomous and shared-use service implementation plans that help transit and provide better equity in cities.

If this mission sounds like you, at least on a case by case basis, then submit your resume, cover letter, and what you love to work on here. If we like what we see we will be in touch and interview you for placement on a project. Think you are too unusual? Too accomplished? You might be perfect.
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