High School Student Survey - 2018
What is your current grade? *
Are you: *
The primary language spoken in my home is: *
Rate the following statements: *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
I feel welcomed at school.
I feel it is important to attend school every day.
My parent(s) feel it is important to attend school every day.
My principal is present during the school day.
I feel administrators are available and present when needed.
I feel my teachers are available and present most days.
I feel assigned schoolwork is meaningful.
I feel overwhelmed with the schoolwork that is assigned.
I am often left with busy work.
I feel like I am challenged at school.
I feel successful in school.
I feel teachers do whatever it takes to help me be successful.
I feel I get the help I need.
I feel there is plenty of before- and after-school activities offered to me by my school.
The school is meeting my needs.
I feel safe when I am on school grounds, before or after school.
I feel safe when I am at school during school hours.
I feel peer pressure is a problem at school.
I feel bullying is a problem at school.
I feel that students respect others that look, act, or believe different from them.
I feel I have a good relationship with at least one of my teachers.
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