M.E.T.A. Playtest Survey
Please answer all questions below truthfully.
How well were you able to learn the game with the resources provided? *
I wanted to give up before we started.
I was able to jump right in.
What was your favorite moment or mechanic from the game you just played? *
What was the most frustrating moment or mechanic of the game you just played? In your opinion, was the moment related to good head-to-head gameplay, or a design flaw? *
Was there anything you felt like you really wanted to be able to do, but were unable to? *
You are now a wizard. In your possession is a magic wand that has the power to change, add or remove anything from your experience playing META. If you could use this wand on anything from your experience, what would it be? *
Would you recommend M.E.T.A. to a friend? *
Did the game description adequately describe the game experience you had? *
Will you play M.E.T.A. again in the next week through the demo available on the website? *
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