Chatfield Sr. High School-Release of Information to Colleges/Universities/Scholarship Agencies/NCAA/NAIA
I authorize the release of my student’s school transcript and other relevant school records to the colleges, universities, NCAA, NAIA, and scholarship program to which my student applies.
I understand that teacher and counselor recommendations are confidential documents and hereby waive access to them.  In the event that the writer of the recommendation feels that they wish to give the student a copy of the recommendation, they are allowed to do this.
I understand that it is the policy of Chatfield Senior High School to inform colleges of serious disciplinary matters (i.e. those resulting in probation, out-of-school suspension, or expulsion) ad authorize release of that information.
I acknowledge my obligation to be honest with my counselor and on the college applications in regards to my academic history and behavior record during high school.
I understand that it is the student’s responsibility to notify the counseling office of the colleges and programs for which a transcript is requested through the Naviance program.
I understand that I must request transcripts at least 2 weeks prior to the due date.  Late requests will not be guaranteed by the deadlines of college applications or scholarship programs.
By completing this form, I agree with the policies regarding release of information to colleges, universities, NCAA, NAIA and scholarship programs.

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