Beast Application Form
Thanks for your interest in attending Beast. New prospective members are now required to complete this application form before being invited to attend.

We introduced this application form (in Aug 2023) as some classes were reaching capacity, and this helps us ensure new members are the right fit for Beast.

Our utmost priorty at Beast is to provide the best training environment and coaching for our regular members. Over the last 10+ years we've built such a great, close knit team, and we're now slowly & selectively adding to that so we can continue to provide a great experience for both coaches and students.

The type of student we want is someone that's eager to learn, friendly, humble, and respectful. They make the effort to fill out this form well, and read our rules. They've seen our training/fight footage and are excited to join Beast.

Here are examples of qualities we don't want in prospective students. That includes a big ego, a sense of entitlement, someone that talks about having X number of street fights (no gangster vibes please!), someone just looking to test themselves at a new gym, and/or someone with poor personal hygiene.

Once you complete this application form, we'll contact you via email if we have capacity and you're able to train with us. We charge £10 per class, or you can pay £70 a month to attend all classes.

Please also read our rules and guidelines here. If you're approved to attend, you'll need to sign that form before attending. The more thoroughly you complete this application form, the greater the chance of being approved quickly.
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Do you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of?
We ask this so we can accommodate you safely
Are you able to afford our classes?
We don't discriminate againt those from low income backgrounds, and we can make allowances when needed
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Feel free to tell us more about you, and share anything else you feel is relevant
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