Dear Texas Sign-On Letter: African American Studies for Texas Schools
Dear Supporter,

On November 13, the Texas State Board of Education will hear public testimonies for an African American Studies Innovative Course that is currently being considered for inclusion in the state TEKS Catalogue for Social Studies and Ethnic Studies, which means that the course will be more easily available to districts state-wide.

The hearing will take place on November 13th as early as 9 am and the sign-up period will open from November 8th at 9 am to November 12 at 5 pm. For more instructions on how to sign up for the hearing, click here:

To review the course standards, click here:

If you are unable to attend and provide your own testimony, please consider signing onto the letter below.

Texas State Board of Education
1701 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701

Dear Members of the Texas State Board of Education:

The individuals and entities signed below would like to register our strong support for adopting a state-wide African American Studies course for the Texas Social Studies and Ethnic Studies catalog as quickly as possible, while ensuring that the course represents the full range and complexity of African American experience, including histories of slavery and subjugation as well as cultural and historical contributions before and after slavery.

A broad range of empirical and theoretical studies have shown that Ethnic Studies courses help to increase attendance, grade-point averages, and graduation rates for all students, but in particular, students who have been traditionally marginalized or labeled as "at-risk." These gains are not limited to the humanities and social sciences but also include performance in math and science classes (Penner and Dee 2016). In addition, these outcomes increase as students take more ethnic studies classes (Cabrera, Milam, Jaquette, and Marx 2013). Reviews of the Ethnic Studies literature have shown that students from majority populations stand to learn the most from Ethnic Studies courses since they are less likely to be exposed to issues of racial diversity in their everyday lives. Finally, students find power in Ethnic Studies courses not just when studying the positive contributions of their ethnic group, but also when getting a fuller understanding of the processes that have historically created racial inequality in the United States (Sleeter 2011). This knowledge helps to dispell cultural assumptions about racial inferiority that often bombard our youth and allows them to shift from individual self-blame to transformational self-efficacy in their educational studies (Solorzano & Bernal 2001).

While it is often tempting to emphasize the positive historical contributions of African Americans when designing course standards for African American Studies, it is important to also acknowledge and examine the social, cultural, economic, and political impact that the African slave trade had on American society. The point of designing curriculum for the teaching of slavery, however, is not to assign blame, but rather to educate students about one of the most important events of our nation’s history and how it informs our understanding of the American value of equity, equality, and the long struggle for freedom.

Here, we fear, that it may become tempting to make the teaching of slavery more “palatable” for some students and educators by softening the experience of slavery (in the past Texas textbooks have called African slaves "immigrant workers") or by emphasizing African culpability (e.g., the idea that Africans “owned” slaves and were complicit in European slavery). While it is true that there were Africans who were involved in the slave trade, it is misguided to make this a point of emphasis. As a point of comparison, historians have documented that there were Jewish collaborators in the Holocaust and Native American collaborators in their genocide; however, the teaching of these histories does not focus on the collaborators. To emphasize the role of internal collaborators in the oppression of their own people is a distortion and misrepresentation of history.

A proper analysis and description of African American experiences allows students to make concrete connections between the historical experiences of African Americans and the issues and challenges that face African American communities in the 21st century. By examing a broad range of African American history, students will be able to link the African slave trade with the Black Codes, Jim Crow, and the post-civil rights issues faced today.

In adopting this course, it is critical that the Texas State Board of Education develop and support professional development programs for districts and teachers as well as create course credit incentives for students to fully value and take the course. Professional development programs should include exposing teachers to the diverse authors and literatures that form part of the African American Studies experience, as well as the pedagogical advancements that have aided successful applications of Ethnic Studies in other states and districts: mainly, the creation of authentic care between students and teachers, the valuing of student and community knowledge, the practice of connecting course content to students’ everyday lives. Students across the state are hungry to take Ethnic Studies courses, but they also need to know that the time they will spend in these classes will be valued and rewarded with a core Social Studies credit.

By making African American Studies, as well as other Ethnic Studies courses, a central part of the Texas Social Studies catalog, the State of Texas will take a strong step toward creating the conditions needed to truly unlock the educational potential of all Texas students.

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Thank you for signing on to support the adoption of a state-wide African American Studies course for Texas high schools. To learn more about how to sign up for the hearing in Austin, please visit the following event page:
Ethnic Studies Network of Texas
Trabajadoras del Hogar Sin Fronteras
100 Black Men of Austin
Texas Center for Education Policy
Texas Youth Word Collective
San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum (SAAACAM)
Student Government Association Prairie View A&M University
Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services
Community Voices for Public Education
Holocaust Museum Houston
Center for the Healing of Racism
Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation
American Indian Heritage Day in Texas
Jewish Voice for Peace-San Antonio Chapter
Deeds Not Words
Restorative Justice Collaborative of Houston
Cesar Chavez Committee of Tarrant County
Texas Alliance of Black School Educators
Stephanie Boyce & Associates, LLC.
Professional Women’s Council, University of North Texas
School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Texas Christian University
Intensive English Program, Texas Christian University
NACCS Tejas Foco Committee on MAS in PreK-12 Education
Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority

Cain Trevino, Student, Irvine, CA
Deyadira Arellano, Parent, Irvine, CA
Orlando Lara, Parent, Educator, Graduate Student, University of California Irvine, CA
Roselynn Spencer, Educator, Missouri City, TX
Cortez Downey, Educator, Houston, TX
Claudia Rios, Parent, Trabajadoras del Hogar Sin Fronteras, Houston, TX
Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor, Educator, Austin, TX
Dona Murphey, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Dr. Kevin Cokley, Educator, 100 Black Men of Austin, TX
Christina Cedillo, Educator, Houston, TX
Dr. David Michael Smith, Educator, La Marque, TX
Dr. Angela Valenzuela, Texas Center for Education Policy, UT-Austin, Austin, TX
Richard Thomas, Educator, Fort Worth, TX
Olga Estrada, Doctoral Student, San Antonio, TX
Lucero Saldaña, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Juan Tejeda, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Michelle Tovar, Educator, Houston, TX
Dorcas Hand, Educator, Houston, TX
Veronica Joyner, Parent, New Carrollton, MD
Liliana Saldaña, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Lisa Mendoza Knecht, Parent, Graduate Research Assistant, San Antonio, TX
Kent Bradshaw, Parent, Fort Worth, TX
Claudia Garcia-Louis, Parent, San Antonio, TX
Enrique Aleman Jr., Parent, San Antonio, TX
Anne Kane, Associate Professor Sociology, University of Houston Downtown, TX
Carlos Aguilar, Educator, Graduate Student, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Kerrville, TX
Ruth Lopez, Parent, Assistant Professor, Houston, TX
Seinenu Thein-Lemelson, Educator, Postdoctoral Scholar at UC-Berkeley, Pacific Palisades, CA
Jazmin Rosales, Undergraduate Student, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, TCU, Fort Worth, TX
Joshua Mauck, Educator, Fort Worth, TX
W. Marvin Dulaney, Associate Professor Emeritus, African American Research Associates, DeSoto, TX
Anne Marcoline, Parent, Houston, TX
Jevon German, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Colleen Schoellkopf, Parent, Pearland, TX
Alicia Vasquez, Student, Porter, TX
Marco Cervantes, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Raquel Zuniga, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Vincent Ramirez, Student, San Antonio, TX
Brianda De León, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Trinidad Gonzales, Educator, McAllen, TX
Carlos Cantu, Educator, Mission, TX
Portia Hopkins, Educator, Houston, TX
Dominick Quinney, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies at Albion College, Lansing, Michigan
Chanelle Ferrell, Student, Houston, TX
Jazmin Munoz, Student at the University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
Ronald Home, Community Leader, Texas Youth Word Collective, Austin, TX
Lauryn Lewis, Student, Houston, TX
Talynn Dickerson, Student, Houston, TX
Adrian Chavana, Graduate Student Instructor, Houston, TX
Rainisha Stevenson, Educator at YES Prep Public Schools, Houston, TX
Brian Wilson, Educator at YES Prep Public Schools, TX
Heleva Rylander, Parent, Houston, TX
Elizabeth Peterson, Parent, Houston, TX
Vickey Gibbs, Associate Pastor, Resurrection MCC, Houston, TX
Akirra Thompson, Student, Houston, TX
Mrs. La Juana Chambers Lawson, President and Chair of the Board of Directors, San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum (SAAACAM), San Antonio, TX
Virginia Steward, Educator, Houston, TX
Adetria Singleton, Educator, Houston, TX
Simone Freeman, Houston, TX
Isidro Ortiz, Professor, San Diego, CA
Quincie Edwin, Community Leader, Prairie View, TX
Tashayla Williams, Student, Prairie View, TX
Erica Johnson, Student, Prairie View, TX
Arthur Towles, Educator, Houston, TX
Jay Hura, Educator at YES Prep Public Schools, Houston, TX
Celinda De La Fuente, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Cassandra Rincones, Dean of Instruction, Kingwood, TX
Donald Caldwell, Student at Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX
Gregory Bowens, Academic Affairs Chairman, SGA, Prairie View A&M University, Pflugerville, TX
Morgan Davis, Parent, Austin, TX
Jasmine Blackman, Student, Houston, TX
Lauryn Harris, Student, Prairie View, TX
Jayven Jean-Louis, Student and Mister Freshman, Royal Court, Port Arthur, TX
Bre’Una Glenn, Student, Prairie View, TX
Ayanna Rogers, Student, Porter, TX
Tatyana Patterson, Student, Prairie View, TX
Pedro Pinto, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Darek Roberson, Educator, Grand Prairie, TX
Markia Bordeaux, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Joan Jaimes, Director of Family Engagement at Yes! Our Kids Can, New Braunfels, TX
Lauren Ware, Parent, Houston, TX
Mishawn Miller, Educator, Humble, TX
Amanda Shagrin, Educator, Houston, TX
Maya Hunter, Student, Prairie View, TX
Ricardo Garcia, Parent, Houston, TX
Santiago Torres, Student, Texas
Mario Salinas, Parent, Houston, TX
Aaliyah Wright, Student, Prairie View, TX
Carlton Jones, Student, Prairie View, TX
John Mckiernan-Gonzalez, Associate Professor at Texas State University, Austin, TX
Rendia Poullard, Student, Texas
Felice Cleveland, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Denise M. Hernández, Community Leader, San Antonio, TX
Amari Lewis, Student Leader, Port Arthur, TX
Jacqueline Muralles, Student, San Antonio, TX
Kris Serold, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Juan and Ana Parras, Founders, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services, Houston, TX
Isabella Morlet, Parent, San Antonio, TX
Terrell Gray, Student, Katy, TX
Sheena Drummond, Parent, Houston, TX
Alpa Sridharan, Organization Co-Founder, Community Voices for Public Education, Houston, TX
Lavaniya Jimenez, Student, Leander, TX
Maria Elena Zavala, Educator, Dallas, TX
Tony Diaz, Organization Founder, Librotraficante, Houston, TX
Adrienne Reubin, Student, Houston, TX
Randolph Knighten, Parent, Austin, TX
Nicole Carr, Assistant Professor at Texas A&M San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
Andrea Roberts, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, Texas Freedom Colonies Project, Bryan, TX
Issac Phillips, Student, San Antonio, TX
Kelly Zuniga, Chief Executive Officer, Holocaust Museum Houston, Houston, TX
Luis Corpus, Educator, Instructor, McAllen, TX
Andrea Figueroa, Executive Director, Martinez Street Women’s Center, San Antonio, TX
Laura Gallier, Co- Executive Director, Center for the Healing of Racism, Houston, TX
Kimberly Orr, Associate Pastor, Windsor Village Church Family, Texas
Ivan Arteaga, Educator, Katy, TX
George Hamilton IV, Educator, Austin, TX
Brad Lucas, Educator, Euless, TX
Alberto Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Texas A&M Kingsville, Kingsville, TX
Ana Martinez, Student, MAS Raza Collective, Lee College, Baytown, TX
Uribe Osiel, Student, Donna, TX
Anna de la Cruz, Parent, Pearland TX
Brianna Sidney, Educator, Angleton, TX
Samantha Manchac, Educator, Houston, TX
Shut Tina Green, Educator, Houston, TX
Lakisha Castillo, Educator, Manvel, TX
Juan Carmona, Dual Enrollment History Instructor, Donna,TX
Alexandria Williams, CATE Teacher in Katy ISD, Katy, TX
Dr. Samantha Rodriguez, Parent, Houston, TX
Julieta Rico, Graduate Student, Austin, TX
Joyce Montano, Parent, San Antonio, TX
Marcus Hughes, Educator, Missouri City, TX
Kwame Mensah, Educator, Houston TX
Sunni Malbrough, Representative at Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation, Houston, TX
Donaille Williams, Educator, Ft. Worth, TX
Robin Davidson, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX
Mya Matthews, Student, Member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, Texas
Emmy Pérez, Parent, McAllen, TX
Tricia Barksdale Garza, Parent, San Antonio, TX
Marie Pousson, Texas Public School Educator/Retired, Houston, TX
Beau Pihlaja, Educator, Lubbock, TX
Carly Leech, Educator, San Antonio, TX
LaToya Smith, San Antonio, TX
Blondine Narcisse, Educator, Houston, TX
Sarah Slamen, Parent, Dallas, TX
Marci McMahon, Associate Professor, Literatures and Cultural Studies, Edinburg, TX
Salandra Grice, Equity Education Consultant, Conscious Education Consulting, LLC, Katy, TX
Cinthya Saavedra, Associate Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg, TX
Barbara Stanford Tanguma, Arvada, CO
Jennifer Sayed, Social Studies Teacher, Irving, TX
Maryam Muhammad, Technology Assistant at Alief ISD, Houston, TX
Dr. Flora Farago, Associate Professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX
Roberto Longoria, Educator, La Joya, TX
Sandra Barba, Educator, Texas
Erica Rodriguez, Parent, San Antonio, TX
Ryan Sharp, Educator, Fort Worth, TX
Shawnette Gilliam, Special Education Teacher, Fort Worth, TX
Rima Abunasser, Educator, Denton, TX
Mauro Sierra III, Educator, Mission, TX
Ashley Bendor, Assistant Professor, Denton, TX
Roger Sneed, Associate Professor of Religion at Furman University, Greenville, SC
Fabienne Latouche, Community Leader, NY
Karina Varela, 10th Grade ELA Educator, Pharr, TX
James Finley, Assistant Professor of English, San Antonio, TX
Rachel González, Educator at The University of Texas, Austin, TX
Alexes Terry, Educator, Mesquite, TX
Kailah Douglas, Educator, Houston, TX
Robin Burley-Spedding, Parent, Pearland, TX
Christi LaViolette, Parent, Denton, TX
William Bush, Professor of History, San Antonio, TX
Kameron Lyons, 7th Grade Literature and Writing Educator, Houston, TX
Mary Thompson, Parent, Houston, TX
Tawnya Schoech, Parent, Houston, TX
Kourtney Lardge, Educator, Houston, TX
Mary Grace McFarland, Graduate Student at The University of Texas Austin, Austin, TX
Sophia Rivera, Educator, Pasadena, CA
Katheryn Ford, Educator, Tyler, TX
Katherine Gillen, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, TX
Vanessa Stuckey, Educator, Houston, TX
Peggy Larney, Founder, American Indian Heritage Day in Texas, Dallas, TX
Eliza Epstein, Student, Texas
Zachary Butcher, Educator, McAllen, TX
Joanna Davis McElligatt, Assistant Professor of Black Literary Studies, University of North Texas
Jackson Ayres, Associate Professor of English, Texas A&M University San Antonio, TX
Saralyn McKinnon-Crowley, Student, Austin, TX
Emily Germain, Parent, East Lansing, MI
Moureen Kaki, Jewish Voice for Peace, San Antonio Chapter, San Antonio, TX
Tesnkm Hussin, Student, Houston, TX
Sue Anderson, Parent, Benbrook, TX
Autumn Carter, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Geneva Carter, Student, San Antonio, TX
Marvin Carter, Parent, San Antonio, TX
Alika Carter, Community Leader, San Antonio, TX
Amber Zu-Bolton, Educator, New Orleans, LA
Shalonda Davis, Educator, New Braunfels, TX
Debbie Wolfe, Keller, TX
Marissa Jokisch, Parent, Arlington, TX
Bonnie Armwntrout, Parent, Sugar Land, TX
Diana Gunnoe, Educator, Natalia, TX
Sarah Tijerina, Student, San Marcos, TX
Leslie LeMond, Parent, Mansfield, TX
Veratta Pegram-Floyd, Academic and Career Coordinator, Springfield, OR
Rennes McCloud, Visitor Experience Supervisor, Holocaust Museum Houston, Houston, TX
Janie Torres, Parent, Houston, TX
Dr. Robert Bullard, Distinguished Professor, Texas Southern University, Sugar Land, TX
Greg Worthington, Doctoral Student, University of Texas at Austin, TX
Gloria Rubac, English as a Second Language Educator, Houston, TX
Lisa Covington, Educator, San Diego, CA
Shiyam Galyon, Community Leader, Communications Coordinator, War Resisters League, Houston, TX
Desdamona Rios, Educator, Houston, TX
Andrea Reyes, Political Director at Deeds Not Words, Austin, TX
Stephanie Alvarez, Parent, San Juan, TX
Stalina Villarreal, PhD Student, University of Houston, TX
Sara Hunt, Parent, Plano, TX
Lora Amyx-Gory, Parent, Denton, TX
Chase Moore, Student, Austin, TX
Marlene Galvan, Parent, Edinburg, TX
Dora Gonzalez, Member of Cesar Chavez Committee of Tarrant County, Arlington, TX
Chloe White, Student, Austin, TX
Kaye Rogers, Student, San Antonio, TX
Jaison Oliver, Chair, Restorative Justice Coalition of Houston, TX
Cassandra Jones, Educator, Houston, TX
Shaughn Thomas, Educator, Manvel, TX
William Ealy, Math Specialist, Fort Bend ISD, Houston, TX
Christina Carter, Curriculum Specialist HISD, Houston, TX
Bria Ellison, Artist Educator, Houston, TX
Lauren Lightfoot, Dean of Instruction, YES Prep North Forest, Houston, TX
Brandi Brown, Parent, Pearland, TX
Phyllis Williams, Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, Rowlett, TX
Rana Emerson, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Chuck Jackson, Associate Professor of English, Houston, TX
Alex Gaeto, Parent, Richmond, TX
Shannon Norton, Parent, Austin, TX
Natalie Davis, Educator, Atlanta, GA
Valerie Wade, Educator, Houston, TX
Stephanie Boyce, Chief Educational Counselor, Stephanie Boyce & Associates, LLC., Grand Prairie, TX
Jummy Akinyode, Counselor, Houston, TX
Demetria Rougeaux Shabazz, Educator, Amherst, MA
Jalylah Burrell, Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice University, Houston, TX
Jessica Davenport, Educator, Houston, TX
Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Misty Wilson, Director, Garland, TX
Bailey Whitley, Student, Austin, TX
John Ensley, Principal , Lancaster, TX
Josie Decatur, Professor, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX
Richard Gonzales, Board Member, Cesar Chavez Committee of Tarrant County, Arlington, TX
LaTasha Woodson, Parent, Dallas, TX
Jacob Jimenez, Administrator, Dallas ISD, Dallas, TX
Alonzo Rangel, Student, TCU, Fort Worth, Texas
Joseph Niedziela, Educator, Fort Worth, Texas
Judith Landeros, Graduate Student/Assistant Instructor, University of Texas at Austin, TX
Kimberly Sherman, Educator, Fort Worth, TX
Tiffany Brown, Parent, Rowlett, TX
J. Albert Nungaray, Educator, Fort Worth, TX
Jude Feng, Educator, Houston, TX
Alicia Morgan, Community Leader, Dallas, TX
Kila Williams, Community Leader, Dallas, TX
Courtney Bates, Student, Houston, TX
Tianna Smith, Student, Humble, TX
Argelia Meza, Educator, Fort Worth, TX
Lauren Baker, Educator, SPED Teacher, Arlington,Texas
Dr. Aimee M. Villarreal, Assistant Professor, Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX
Dr. M. Francyne Huckaby, Professor, Fort Worth, TX
Brianna Carter, Student, Prairie view, TX
Vanessa Martinez, Parent, San Antonio, Texas
Dominique Brown, Social Studies Teacher, Houston, TX
Carla Windfont, Crosby ISD School Trustee, Crosby, TX
Arthur Fleming, Education Chair, NAACP Dallas, Lancaster, TX
Allison Craig, Parent, Fort Worth, TX
Ariss Rider, Principal, Dallas, TX
Susana Hart, Student, Houston, TX
Elizabeth Huber, Educator, Laredo, TX
Affton Coleman, Educator, TABSE, Houston, TX
Nadezhda Garza, Parent, San Antonio, TX
Blair Chamberlain, Educator, Houston, TX
Bryan Conn, Lecturer, English Department, University of North Texas, Fort Worth, TX
Jean Roelke, Senior Lecturer, University of North Texas, Sherman, TX
Ameera Khan, Student, McAllen, TX
Laurie Garcia, Educator, Houston, TX
Dedric Williams, Educator, Duncanville ISD, Duncanville, TX
Reese Wilson, Student, Houston, TX
Gloria Villarreal, Parent, Hidalgo TX
Bianca Avery, Parent, Dallas, TX
Rossanne Arii , Student, Houston, TX
M. Muñoz, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Justice Cole, Representative of an organization, Professional Women’s Council, UNT, Denton, TX
Yasmine Cardoza, Community Leader, Mission, TX
Amanda Tovar, Student, San Antonio, TX
Robert Linné, Professor, Adelphi University, East Atlantic Beach, NY
Natalyn Samuels, Educator, Bryan, TX
Miriam Ezzani, Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX
Virginia Randle, Instructional Specialist, DallasISD, Dallas, TX
Drew Lopenzina, Educator, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Hannalore Mueller, Educator, Lytle, TX
Rhonda Mason, Executive Director, Richmond, TX
Kimberly Evans, Educator, Houston, TX
Makia Thomas, Educator, Houston, TX
Kashi Woods, Fine Arts Department Chair, Houston, TX
Vanita Reed, Educator, Houston, TX
Heather Mitchell, Educator, Texas
Bernadette Blanco, Educator, Houston, TX
Blanca Cantu, Educator, Lytle, TX
Amanda Dycus, Student, University of North Texas, Denton, TX
Javier Carmona, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Jaime Rodriguez, Associate Professor, University of North Texas, Lewisville, TX
Kurk Gayle, Director, Intensive English Program, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX
Dr. Kurk Gayle, Educator, Fort Worth, TX
Ronald Castro, Educator, Houston, TX
Leah Troy, Student, San Antonio, TX
William Allen, Educator, Houston, TX
Connie Boyd, Chief Development Officer, Holocaust Museum Houston, TX
Katheryn Ford, Educator, Tyler TX
Christen Barron, Parent, Pearland, TX
Sara Coleman, Student, Sam Houston State University, Houston, TX
Cathryn Merla-Watson, Professor UTRGV, Mission, TX
Endia Lindo, Associate Professor, TCU, Colleyville, TX
Danielle Simmons, Parent, Spring, TX
Elton Simmons II, Parent, Spring, TX
Khanay Turner, Community Leader, Fort Worth, TX
Nailea Jaimes, Student, Houston, TX
Tezya Jackson, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Kathleen Turner, Parent, Fort Worth, TX
Kwentoria Williams, Houston, TX
Gabriella V Sanchez, Student, San Antonio, TX
Cinthya Saavedra, Academic Director, UTRGV Mexican American Studies, Edinburg, TX
Somtochukwu Igbelina, Social Studies Teacher, Washington High School, Houston, TX
Tezya Jackson, Community Leader, Houston, TX
Eva Csaky, Executive Director, Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity, Dallas, TX
Cynthia Pizana, Community Leader, Austin, TX
Jah Lowery, Educator, Houston, TX
Breanna Matthews, Student, Houston TX
Araceli Rivas, Educator, El Paso, TX
Hillary Evans, Parent, Dallas, TX
Justine Fanarof, JD, MPH, Managing Partner, Fanarof Law, Houston, TX
Dr. Sandra D. Garza, Assistant Professor of Mexican American Studies, Northwest Vista College, San Antonio, TX
Jessica Saavedra Serrano, Parent, Richmond, TX
Christopher Carmona, Chair of the NACCS Tejas Foco Committee on MAS in PreK-12 Education, Alamo, TX
Hailey Lam, Student, NYC, New York
Lauren Keefe, Parent, Fort Worth, Texas
Jose Dominguez, College Success Coach at Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
Anthony Cordier, Student, Humble, TX
Chelsea Branch, Educator, Houston, TX
Dennise Frausto, Parent, San Antonio, TX
Marisa Juarez Burdick, Parent, Sunnyvale, CA
Uyiosa Elegon, Student, Houston, TX
Shashaunda Betts-Williams, Parent, Cedar Hill, TX
Elaine Arredondo, Educator, San Antonio, TX
Alaydrea Scales, Representative of an organization, Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority, Houston, Texas
Mekeva McNeil, Educator, Houston, TX
Ferlencia Staten, Teacher, Galena Park ISD, Houston, TX

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