New Farm/Vendor Form (Food/Plants)
That a representative of the group may interview and/or visit the farm(s) or place of business

Transparency in farming/business practices (ie- if you change the way you feed, you will report it to us and not misrepresent any items.)

You carry the appropriate insurance coverage for your farm and will provide a copy to Eat Local Pierce County to be renewed annually.

That some contributions are made toward our efforts to educate folks about supporting local and healthful eating
(monetary donation, donation of time for a class, gift of food to be used for teaching or donation to other volunteers)

Communication is open at all times between either ELPC admins, or the group at large.

That items pre-sold or held for members of the group will not be sold elsewhere.

If a group member approaches you individually for single items at the bulk/group rate, this will not be honored, and items undersold from the group as a whole.

We reserve the right to cease doing business with you, and remove you as a member and vendor from the group at any time on any grounds, without notice. You will be removed immediately if we feel you have misrepresented yourself, your business, your products, or failed to respond to communication after three attempts over the course of one week, or two or more complaints are received in regards to satisfaction or authenticity of items sold.

I have read the expectations listed above and understand & will abide by them? *
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Phone Number *
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Best way to contact you *
Name of your company/farm: *
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Company/farm address: *
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Company/farm website link *
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What are your practices:
Briefly describe your company/farm *
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Do you spray? If yes, what specifically and how often? *
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What do you feed your animals? If grass-fed and supplementing with grain, how much/day? *
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Currently our Drops happen on Fridays from noon-6pm
Will you be selling direct to the customers on the Eat Local Facebook page and handling all details of the ordering/payment process for pick-up on the pick-up dates set by the admins each month? *
Would you like to sell direct to the customers through posting to the Eat Local Facebook page and handling all details of the ordering/payment/pickup/delivery OUTSIDE OF the monthly pickup events? *
Would you need a liaison to assist in the coordination the order for you and be the single point of contact for customers *
If yes - are you willing to provide that liaison with product of their choice from what you are selling at a percentage rate of sales dependent on the work and time required to coordinate your order for you? Typically between ~6-10% and to be agreed upon prior to order coordination between both parties in writing. *
What minimum order do you need to deliver (to Tacoma)? *
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Is there a maximum inventory/per item are you willing to sell to the group? If so what? *
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Are you willing to stay for any length of time on distribution day in order to meet the consumers? *
If yes, how long?
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What would you like to sell to the group? *
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Are you licensed to sell the products you are offering, and have the appropriate permits? *
What certifications/permits do you have? *
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Is this your own product, or are you a liaison or reseller? *
Are you offering any additional discount, tiered pricing for large orders, or other incentives? *
If yes, please explain what those would be. *
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Regulations & Insurance
Do you agree that you know and will abide by all local, county, state, and federal laws regarding any exchange of food or goods? *
Do you carry a Commercial general liability policy? *
If not, and you have another form of general liability insurance, does it cover your business activities at off site locations such as being a market vendor *
Do you carry any other type of insurance? If yes, list them here.
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I will e-mail within a week of submitting this form with a copy of my insurance policy. *
Would you be willing to donate any product of your choosing and as little or as much as you are comfortable with to go towards those struggling to make ends meet and eat healthy? This could be at every order or just when you have extra products that does not have a home. *
If yes - would you like a receipt for tax purposes?
Anything else you want us to know?
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