TCTC 2019 Board and Card Game Event Submission
Thanks for running an event at TCTC 2019. Tell us about the game you would like to host and which time slot you would like. Remember you need to have bought your ticket for the convention in order to register your event. All events will be added to SCHED.
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First & Last Name. Limit one host per session.
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Brief Event Description
This will help attract players to your game. We will typically not correct spelling or grammar, but we may edit it for space in the convention booklet (if applicable). Please try to keep the description to ~30 words.
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Link to Game's Website or some other relevant site for the attendee to get additional information about the game.
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Capacity *
Maximum number of players per session. NOTE: You are responsible for organizing the Copy/Copies of the Game(s) required for your event
Duration in hours *
Each time slot is 2 hours long. If your game is significantly longer or shorter, or crosses time slots, then the coordinator need to know this to properly fit the schedule.
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When can you run your game? We will try to match your preferred times as space allows. Please complete all rows. IF you do not see a time slot it's because it is now full.
Saturday 10AM
Saturday 12PM
Saturday 2PM
Saturday 4PM
Saturday 7PM
Saturday 9PM
Sunday 10AM
Sunday 12PM
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Sunday 4PM
Please add any extra information such as unusual start times, special table space, or extra setup or tear-down time requirements. If you are organizing a tournament please make a note here.
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Additional Information
The Event Coordinator will contact entrants with any questions or clarifications regarding any aspects of the event. This does not indicate that the event will necessarily be approved.
Once the event has been approved, the coordinator will contact the entrant to let them know.

Events will be posted within 48 hours.

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