Lake Placid Lake Management Plan Survey
The Shore Owners’ Association of Lake Placid is in the beginning phases of developing a lake management plan for Lake Placid. We are working with Dr. Brendan Wiltse from the Ausable River Association to develop the plan. Brendan has a Ph.D. in limnology, the study of freshwater ecosystems, from Queen’s University and is a Certified Lake Manager with the North American Lake Management Society. We are soliciting input from everyone that uses and loves Lake Placid. By taking a few minutes to complete this survey you will be helping guide the development of the plan. Thank you for your participation.
Please provide your name if you are open to being contacted for follow up questions. All responses, whether a name is provided or not, will be kept confidential.
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Please provide your email address if you are open to being contacted for follow up questions and want to stay up to date with activities related to Lake Placid.
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