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About us
Neon is the oldest and most stable horde PvE raiding guild on Karazhan EU. The guild currently consist mainly of a core group of friends that has the main goal to have fun while playing World of Warcraft. Although we are a casual guild we aim to be one of the leading guilds when it comes to progression on the server. We put teamwork on top of all, so if you think you are a teamplayer – this might be the guild for you.

We will consider ALL classes and specs if you back your application up by good logs from WoL, or if we consider you an exceptional applicant.

What can we offer?
* The oldest and most stable horde guild on Karazhan EU.
* Over seven years experiences with raiding the end game content.
* Quite laid back guild enviroment with 18+ age requirement.
* Own Discord server and radio channel which can be used not only during the raids.
* Guildbank repairs for all raiders on ALL progression raids.
* Free enchants/flasks/food/glyphs for dedicated raiders.

What do we expect?
* We are demanding a 50% raid attendance.
* Eagerness to progress through the content even if that means to die a lot .
* To be a minmaxer. That means always looking for gear and playstyle improvements.
* The willingness to learn new ways, ability to listen, take the criticism and not repeat the same mistakes again.
* To be able to understand spoken English.
* To know your own class from top to bottom.
A few tips before applying
Do not rush your application. Filling out questions with one word answers is not the way to go. You will most likely be questioned about your application. This is because we want to know and understand more about you and your character. Good attitude, attendance, performance is what distinguishes you between trialist and raider. If your internet connection is unreliable, you should stop reading. If your computer shuts down every hour, we can't have you raiding and holding us up. Keep in mind that this is most likely your first impression on most of the members in the guild.
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