Public Art Database
The City of White Rock has commissioned the Semiahmoo Arts Society to develop an online database of visual public art artists who are based in White Rock, South Surrey and the Semiahmoo First Nations Land.
This project is targeted at local artists whose work involves public art. Having an online directory where all of these specialized artists are located will maximize access to local artists and enable the City of White Rock and the White Rock Public Arts Advisory committee to contact artists for upcoming projects and possible commissions. The public art directory will serve as a major source of reference for any future
public art project that the City of White Rock endeavours.
The purpose of this survey is to collect information on any artists who self-identify as public art artists or are interested in growing their practice.
White Rock Public Art
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Technological or Digital Public Arts (Digital Installations, Internet or LTE Based Smart Phone activities )
Large scale earthworks (Rock, tree, green walls, sand, etc.)
Fine art crafts. (Clay, fibre (tapestries), textiles, wood, metal, plastics, stained glass.)
Carvings (wood, stone, marble, ect)
Metal Sculture
Large Scale Photography
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Government Commissioned Projects
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Developer Commissioned Projects
Community Public Art Projects
Integrated Public Art Projects (i.e. Public Works, Engineering)
Interest in development: The City of WR is keen to support developing artists. Would you be interested in opportunities to grow your practice to include public art? *
This research project is commissioned and funded by the City of White Rock. By participating in this survey, I agree to the Semiahmoo Arts Society collecting my information and contacting me to participate in the public art artists database project. *
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