OpenTelemetry Community Feedback Survey
This survey is conducted by the OpenTelemetry End User Working Group. You can find our working group in CNCF Slack instance channel #otel-user-research. 

The following group will have access to your detailed responses: end user working group contributors. Anonymized, aggregate responses will be shared in public with the OpenTelemetry project. For questions, or to remove your data, contact: Reese Lee or Rynn Mancuso.
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Please select a role that most closely aligns with your persona:
Please select a level of experience that best describes your familiarity with observability practices and tools:
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Are you an OpenTelemetry project contributor?
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For the purposes of this survey, how did you instrument your code?
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Which components do you use?
How likely are you to recommend OpenTelemetry to a friend or colleague?
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
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How satisfied are you with each of the following?
Extremely satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Extremely dissatisfied
Installation experience
Configuration experience
Ongoing operation and maintenance experience
Quality and usability of the OpenTelemetry documentation
Included troubleshooting guidance such as warnings and/or error messages
Performance overhead of OpenTelemetry
Out-of-the-box included instrumentation for your production use cases
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What OTel signals are you interested in?
Using Now
Want to use in the Future
What are your challenges? What’s holding you back from adopting more OpenTelemetry?
Where do you get your information about OTel/Observability?
How would you prefer to give us feedback about OTel?
Is there anything else you would like to share with the OpenTelemetry community?
Can a member of the OpenTelemetry community contact you to discuss your responses to this survey?  If so, please provide your contact information here:
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