Start losing weight, how do you handle it?
When you want to lose weight, that is not always easy. It can be difficult to stay motivated. Set goals for yourself, and schedule a measurement moment weekly to determine how much you have already lost. Did you know that it is good not to lose weight too quickly? When you lose a maximum of half a kilo per week, the chances are higher that the result is permanent. The most important thing about losing weight is that a button is turned into the head. If this does not happen there is a big can that you go yo-yo. Losing the kilos requires an adjustment of the entire lifestyle. Only then will the weight decrease be permanent.


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Start losing weight
To start losing weight, it is important that you first set yourself a realistic goal. Do you want to lose 10 kilos for the summer holiday? Make sure you start losing weight in time and not in June. To achieve this, a certain button must first be used. Now I'm really going to lose weight! Consider carefully why you want to lose weight. Are you doing it for your health? Or do you want a tight belly and beautiful slim legs? When you have a goal, you can stick to it when you have a hard time. Feel a binge coming up, think of that beautiful body that you want.
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Fast weight loss?
The right time to start losing weight does not exist. Do you want to start losing weight? Then start right away! Remember that there is always a reason to wait. For example a party, Christmas or your birthday. But in this way you can continue to postpone it. The right time to start losing weight does not exist. When you want to lose weight, just start!

It is striking that many people like to lose weight quickly. The danger of losing weight is that you will suffer from the yo-yo effect. The kilos fly so quickly again, after which you can start again. This is of course not the result you want to achieve. That is why it is wise to lose weight in a healthy way instead of losing weight.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you should not lose more than half a kilo per week. This may be a bit slower, but the result is in many cases permanent! Losing half a kilo per week is often done by just eating healthy and exercising enough.

Consider for yourself how you want to lose weight. Do you want to stop sweating? Or eat smaller portions? Make sure you eat healthy and varied!

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Stay motivated
When it is against it, it can be difficult to stay motivated. That's why you have to have something that you can hold on to. Your weight is often not a good measure. The weight depends on many different factors. For example, the amount of fluid you hold and how full your stomach is. The weight can also fluctuate a lot in one day. The weight does not always say something about how much you have lost weight and certainly not about the amount of body fat. That is why you better start measuring your body parts. For example, note the circumference of your legs or waist. When you do this every week you can see nicely how many centimeters you lose. This is very motivating!

View yourself
Of course it also works very motivating when you see that you are tighter than before. So stand in front of the mirror every week, and see yourself well. Can you already see that you have lost weight? And do you also see where the problem zones are? Go ahead and get rid of it too, and make sure you finally get the figure you always wanted. You can also make photos of your body. Preferably in underwear, so you can see the differences well. If you compare these photos after 4 weeks, you will see that you are making great progress.

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