Gulf South for a Green New Deal (GS4GND): Policy Platform Sign-On
View the Gulf South for a Green New Deal Policy Platform here:

Over the last 6 months, community leaders from the 5 Gulf South states (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL) have cultivated this policy platform based on the unique needs and realities of our region.

This platform is a tool and part of a much broader organizing and movement strategy. We acknowledge that rather than a complete or comprehensive plan, this GS4GND Policy Platform is the beginning of many conversations to come and an assertion that the Gulf South must be included in national policy processes.

Please read the policy platform and complete this form if it aligns with your mission. Share this broadly and invite your partners to sign on-as well. We invite your organization, your faith group, your class, your youth group, your institution or your business to sign-on today in support of this collective regional policy platform.

We are submitting this GS4GND Policy Platform to the national organization New Consensus ahead of their federal Green New Deal policy work, as well as all Gulf South congressional members.

Organizations that signed on before November 13, 2019 are listed as original signatories in the 2019 Policy Platform Document - but we know this a living, growing document and starting point for what legislation must include to truly address the climate crisis, create jobs, and advance equity in the Gulf South. More organizations will sign on over the next several years.

Gulf South for a Green New Deal is a 5 state formation anchored by the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy ( Reach out to with questions or comments.
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