EyeSkills Volunteering
Are you interested in volunteering to help EyeSkills push forward? Please help us organise by telling us who you are and what you can do to help!  
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IMPORTANT: Personal data and privacy
With our limited time and resources, we are trying to always make decisions which best serve your interests.   We, however, have very limited resources. We are not a medical company. We are not a business. We are not selling a medical device. We are not backed by squillions of dollars of startup capital.  We are volunteers doing the best we can.  

Here, we are using Google Forms and a Google email address because it lets us get things done in a secure way (depending on how much you trust Google).  If you wish to fill out this form, please assume the worst.  Only provide information you would be comfortable with sharing more widely.

Despite advising caution,  the information you provide is *not* shared with any third parties, and used only to understand how and where you might be able to help with the project.  By volunteering you will receive an occasional newsletter. This is sent over Amazon's Simple Email Service, because I neither have the skill nor the time to securely setup and maintain a mail server, and prevent it from getting spammed or blacklisted.  

You can just ask to have your information removed at any time - it is just a row in a Google Sheet and I will gladly oblige.    
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