Club OFF-CAMPUS Event Approval Form
This form is to be submitted for all Clubs and Societies looking to run an event off campus. This form is to be submitted ten (10) days prior to the event for approval from the Vice-President Student Life. Upon review, the Vice-President Student Life will send your Club or Society an email letting you know of the status of event approval.
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Title of Event *
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Description of Event *
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Event Date(s) (If there are multiple dates for this event, please list all dates below) *
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Location/Destination of Event *
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Expected Number of Participants *
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Please select any of the following components your event may include (if none leave blank);
If any of the above components were selected for your event, please use this space provided to describe them and indicate the steps you will take to minimize any risk involved.
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Physical Activity *
I am fully responsible that;
1) I will be responsible for organizing the event
2) I will ensure that the event is run within these documented conditions
3) If the event deviates in any way from the description, NUSU cannot be held responsible for any and all outcomes of any incident
4) I will ensure that the participants of this event are made aware of the rules and procedures for the event
5) It is my responsibility to ensure that every student assistant involved with the event is aware of their responsibilities
6) In the event of an incident, I will complete a detailed Student Event Incident Report and submit it to the Vice-President Student Life of the Nipissing University Student Union
7) The primary event organizer will be held accountable to the president of their organization and/or the Nipissing University Student Union
By checking the box below, I agree to uphold all the requirements of the primary event organizer and agree to not consume any alcohol or drugs on the day of the event until the event ends and all the participants have safely dispersed. *
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